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Car Rental

This is a personal recommendation that I give to my family and friends and here, I give to you.

Click on the link once you have read below http://www.victoriacars.com /javeavillas

  • No massive queues when you arrive
  • No hidden add-ons
  • Comprehensive Insurance with stated excess - you won't be asked for more for 'additional' cover ( been there?????)
  • Child seats & booster clear pricing - 2€ per day per seat.
  • Fuel - so eassssyyyy - they fuel up, you pay for the tank, you return it empty - no looking for petrol stations on your way back to the airport - result!
  • Good, competitive prices

I have used this firm personally for over 10 years. I have no hesitation in recommending them as the best firm I have used when renting a car anywhere in Spain. Maybe, just maybe you can knock a few Euros off the bottom line with a broker, but there can be a price to pay - and yes, Carjet, I remember the two hours with screaming kids at the end of a very long day travelling - massive queues, no ownership, a broker out-sourcing - it doesn't always work out. If you even think of renting somewhere else, call me on 07876 223599 and tell me why. I have tried (in the interests of market research)(and occasionally very poor planning) using different firms - none have come anywhere close. This firm is the real deal.

They gave me a flashing banner to put on my site but to me that looks like any other banner on any other site. Here's the link http://www.victoriacars.com /javeavillas



Oh, and for flights go to http://www.airflights.co.uk/?src=javeavillas&destin=ALC