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Celebs in Javea

So who's been spotted out and about in Javea this Summer?  Spotted by our Web Visitors - Tony Robinson of Time Watch and Blackadder seen in the (yummy) Tapas Bar on the main street heading up to the top of town (on your right). And Linda Lusardi (tho this was three years ago and she was filming a Holiday programme so it doesn't really count!!). Any more?? Well, I've only met one Celeb so far - and here he is below!  

Your Webmaster and kids met Terry in Los Remos Restaurant which is on the main Arenal Promenade at the
Terry Venables in Javeaopposite end from the Parador.  Los Remos is his favourite Restaurant (and mine too) - it serves excellent fresh fish and seafood, often accompanied with delicious sauces like King Prawns in an Armagnac Sauce with Rice. You can eat on the Terrace and see the sun go down or dine inside with the air-conditioning and fantastic views down the Promenade. Reservations are usually needed so call 96 6470776 - now note that down for your holiday file! Back to the subject - what was Terry like?  Absolutley charming.  His fave player at the moment is Gerard. Terry has been coming to Javea for the last 22 years - so there's a recommendation for you!  I must keep out of the sun more though if I'm rivaling El Tel for the red faced tan look!

Footnote: I was back in Javea and met Terry in the same Restaurant on Friday 31st August - he'd rushed back to Javea because he had the weekend off ITV Premiership work due to England's game against Germany - and he was charming again.

Have you seen a celeb in Javea?  Send a pic and the story to me and I'll put it up on the site.  Mail it to celebs@javeavillas.co.uk